Why We Keep Evolving Our Process

Our mission is to be the best lead generation company in the UK – and we’re determined to achieve this. And our high calibre clients reflect this ambition. At Exceptional Thinking, we believe that the only way to succeed is to keep evolving our process and stay ahead of the curve. We invest a considerable … Read more

What Happens At A Kick-Off Meeting

The first stage of our process when a new client comes on board is a kick-off meeting.  I think most lead gen companies do this – we often hear from our clients that they’ve spent a long time educating their lead gen company on their products and services only to have the campaign fail only … Read more

How To Effectively Onboard A New Client

Do you on board your new clients? On boarding is the process of introducing them to your business and building relationships with them. It’s an important part of setting up successful and long-term partnerships. On boarding is something we’ve been working on and evolving over the years and we have a system now of about … Read more

The Calls Begin

Now for the exciting part. We’ve built the database using LinkedIn, we’ve started warming them up with some messages, now we’ve going to give them a call and find out more about them. Because we’ve reached out to people on LinkedIn, we’ve immediately got a way in when we call them. Even if they can’t … Read more

What’s Going On Weekly?

Every week, we have a 15 minute catch-up with you, either via Teams or via Zoom. At these meetings, we go though your hot prospects, (prospects who we feel may turn into appointments), your watches (prospects who we’re watching because we feel there is something there) and your future prospects (people who have said not … Read more

Your First Appointment

Omg, omg, it’s been a couple of weeks since we started working with you. We’ve had our kick off meeting, started connecting with people on LinkedIn, followed up with them and made some calls. And now someone has said Yes!!! They’d like to speak with you!!! We’ve BANT qualified them – they have the authority, … Read more

Let’s Show You Some Stats

On a Friday, we send you a weekly report that shows you where we are with your campaign. There are five tabs: Tab 1: Shows you all the appointments we’ve achieved for you so far and upcoming dates. Tab 2: Shows you your hot prospects, (prospects who we feel may turn into appointments), your watches … Read more



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