Blog: What Happens When People Connect Back On LinkedIn?

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What Happens When People Connect Back On LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is such a powerful tool. Not only is it very searchable and you can gather lists of ideal prospects but there is a lot of power when people connect back too.

When you send out a connection request, the recipient will see your profile. If they accept it, they are essentially introducing themselves to you and notifying you that they are interested in connecting. You can then start building a relationship with them by engaging in conversation through messages or posts.

For instance, the first thing when people connect back is that you have instant access to their contact details. People often put their email addresses and mobile number on their profiles meaning we can start contacting the team member directly.

This is also true if they have listed their company website or social media accounts. As an appointment-setting agency, this is invaluable information as we can start the process of getting you in front of your dream prospects right away.

Secondly, you can message people directly and see when they’ve read your messages. This helps you to gauge their level of interest and create more personalised conversations. Not only does this help to increase the likelihood that the conversation will turn into a successful appointment, but it also eliminates cold calls or automated messages which can come across as impersonal.

This is not only helpful to warm someone up before we pick up the phone but is also helpful if we can’t reach them.

For example, someone has said they’d be interested in an appointment with you but they’re driving at the moment and haven’t got their diary on them.

If you’re connected on LinkedIn, we can ping them a quick message with some dates on there to meet with you, making your lead generation campaign more integrated and efficient.

In summary, connecting back on LinkedIn is a powerful way to reach new prospects. It allows you access to valuable contact details and forges the initial connection that makes lead generation easier and more successful.

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