When Is A Lead Not A Lead?

When you start researching lead generation, one of the things that becomes apparent is that the word “lead” is defined very differently in the marketing, lead generation and sales worlds. The truth is that it all depends on the context – who you’re talking to and what industry you’re in. A lead for a car … Read more

What Leads Are You Missing Out On?

Sometimes it can be all too easy to allow other things to get in the way, especially when it comes to making a decision about taking on a lead generation company. Whether it’s budget restrictions, time constraints, or lack of trust in an outside source taking over your lead gen efforts – it can be … Read more

How To Get A Really REALLY Qualified Lead

People often ask us what the secret is to getting a really, REALLY qualified lead. A lead that is super-hot, interested in talking to you and is considering your type of products or services right now. One way to get a lead like this is to quite simply ‘ask questions’. You see, the more you … Read more

How Do You Prevent No Shows To Appointments?

How do you prevent no-shows to appointments? It’s a question many businesses ask, no matter the product or service they provide. If you’re involved in lead generation, it’s especially important to make sure your customers show up for appointments. After all, if people don’t show up for their appointment then that means you’ve wasted time … Read more

Should You Send Proposals?

You’ve had a great conversation with a potential client, they appeared really interested in what you do and were all up for moving forward with you. However, now you’re stuck. Should you send them a proposal or not? The answer depends on the situation. There are several key factors to consider before deciding to send … Read more

Partnering v Transactional Relationships

At Exceptional Thinking we know that if there’s one thing that hampers lead generation campaigns and contributes to their demise from the get-go – it’s lack of communication and clarity. In the world of lead generation, you need to be confident your business is being perceived in the best possible light by those representing you … Read more

Is Lead Generation Right For Your Business?

It’s a question that we ask every prospect once we have explained how our lead generation works, every single one of them… because the reality is, lead generation isn’t for everyone and simply wouldn’t fit in with their business model or the way that they operate, In this post – I wanted to provide you … Read more

A Day In The Life Of A Telemarketer

Some people’s perception of telemarketing is completely different to the reality of the role; many think it is a case of sitting on a sequential dialling system, pressure selling prospects into buying whatever they are selling – Telemarketing within a lead generation business couldn’t be more different, here – we will be discussing and showing you … Read more



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