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How To Get A Really REALLY Qualified Lead

People often ask us what the secret is to getting a really, REALLY qualified lead.

A lead that is super-hot, interested in talking to you and is considering your type of products or services right now.

One way to get a lead like this is to quite simply ‘ask questions’.

You see, the more you ask questions, the more you’re interested in how you can help them rather than the other way around. The more you’re curious and genuinely interested in the answer, the more you’ll find people will open up to you and want to talk further with you.

All too often in business, it’s easy to tell a potential client all about you and your business; how long you’ve been going and what you can do for them, without first asking if they even need your help in the first place.

That’s why, when we’re making calls for our clients, we train all of our telemarketers to ask as many questions as they can so they can really find out the client’s needs – because the more we ask questions, the more qualified the lead and appointment is.

Another great method would be to research the background of your prospect before you even talk to them. Many people don’t do this and they are missing out on a huge way to qualify your leads.

By researching the background of your prospects, you can determine if they would be a good fit for what you offer, how likely it is that they will use your services or products and what kind of budget they may have.

By getting this information beforehand, you can ensure that every conversation you have is with a qualified and hot lead who wants to talk further about what you can do for them.

Finally, take your time and be patient. Don’t rush the person into a decision; give them the space to think and consider what you have said. This way, when they do make up their mind, it will likely be a really well-thought-out decision that can easily lead to that really qualified lead you are looking for.

At the end of the day, getting a really qualified lead doesn’t have to be hard. All it takes is a bit of patience and research on your part, along with demonstrating genuine interest in helping them make up their mind. Do that and you’ll start seeing more hot leads come in – guaranteed! 

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