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Partnering v Transactional Relationships

At Exceptional Thinking we know that if there’s one thing that hampers lead generation campaigns and contributes to their demise from the get-go – it’s lack of communication and clarity. In the world of lead generation, you need to be confident your business is being perceived in the best possible light by those representing you and that they can be trusted to articulate your products and services in the most effective way to your target prospects because if something goes wrong, it’s not just an unhappy prospect, but it is you who is left with egg on your face and your company’s reputation damaged.

However – there are ways to avoid this from happening and safeguards that can be put in place, with the first and most important, being communication, or… as this article explains – partnering with lead generation company.

Get amongst it.

One of the key benefits of developing a trusted client – supplier relationship with a lead generation business, is that once both parties have established that the 2 companies, in theory – are well suited to each other, you use the synergies in your beliefs and ethos as companies as a base to work from and build from there. Constantly reviewing and assessing what is working and what is not working is a necessity in getting the best out of a lead generation campaign. Allow your lead generation business to get in and amongst your team, deciphering what works well, what your company is all about and what ultimately make a great appointment for you, and do the opposite – get to know your lead generation company’s team – what tools can you supply them with so they can do their job effectively?

This is step one in a building a trusted client – supplier relationship. 

Feedback, Feedback, Feedback.

Creating and sending out LinkedIn Invites, compiling lists of target prospects, making calls, sending emails and booking appointments are just a few of the things that a lead generation company will be doing for you, and it is so vitally important that at every stage you FEEDBACK, good or bad and make sure that you are both on the same page with messaging, the process and what is being said to your target audience – on behalf of your business. This way, EVERYTHING will be tailored to you and your company and will set the campaign off on the right track. 

Constantly review & enforce accountability.

One thing that has come up over the years is that clients, and their suppliers leave too much time between review meetings – regular review meetings force communication, ensure feedback and increase the level of service being received from your lead generation partner – having a meeting at least once weekly, albeit for only 15 minutes with each of our clients has seen our service levels increase ten-fold and has held us accountable to our clients and vice versa. This has driven both our performance in generating appointments and our clients conversion rate, we ask them the challenging questions… did you convert your last lead? Why not? What could we, or you do differently in order for the next one to turn into revenue??

Gain return on investment, but not just in pounds and pence.

Needless to say, you should, after the first 3 months of working with your lead generation partner, see a return on your investment. You should have increased your bottom line, by more than the figure you have spent on the campaign, that.. is a given… but ROI means so much more – being your “boots on the ground” your lead generation business should be feeding back to you what your competition is doing, where price points for your products / services are at the moment, any trends in your industry, and we even go as far as to provide analysis on a weekly basis of when is the best times / days to be calling their target market – taken from the data on thousands of appointments we have booked in the past. The finances are important, but data is king and allows your business to react and get ahead of your competition.

As a lead generation provider, Exceptional Thinking understands what it takes to partner with clients to ensure a lasting, successful relationship… in-fact, we won’t work with clients who won’t partner with us and who view the relationship we have with them as purely transactional – it doesn’t work for us, and it certainly won’t for them.

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