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Your First Appointment

Omg, omg, it’s been a couple of weeks since we started working with you. We’ve had our kick off meeting, started connecting with people on LinkedIn, followed up with them and made some calls. And now someone has said Yes!!! They’d like to speak with you!!!

We’ve BANT qualified them – they have the authority, the need, the timescale. We asked them about their budget but they wanted to speak with you directly about that – and now the appointment is in your diary.

What happens next?

Firstly, we’re going to let you know – we’ll call you and tell you all about the appointment. We’ll then send it across to you with the details and also the call recording so you can hear what’s been said and you can prepare for your meeting.

We’ll put the appointment into your diary and send it across to you and the prospect with all the details of zoom or teams. We also then add the prospect to receive automated emails to remind them of the appointment as it comes up.

Two days before, we’ll call the prospect and just make sure they’re still okay for the appointment and confirm this with you.

And then it’s over to you.

When the appointment is due to happen, jump on zoom or teams and speak with the prospect. If they don’t turn up immediately, don’t panic – they maybe having tech issues. Just pick up the phone to them and find out.

And then, we want to hear all about it – tell us how it went, what the next stage is, whether you got on and everything else. We have clients who email us or feedback on their weekly meeting – more on that next week.

Congrats – the campaign is up and running and more appointments will follow.

If you’d like to have a chat about how we can get qualified appointments for you, that would be great.

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