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Working efficiently through effective reporting

A question we get asked often, is – “When is the best time for your Telemarketers to make calls” the answer – there isn’t one… let me explain.

We work with clients across a variety of industries, and with that in mind – make calls to over a dozen different prospect “types” (CEO / CFO / CTO / Business Owner / Sales Director etc) and the reality is, each one of these level of prospects have their own challenges and stresses that makes them less available for a call and sometimes, more available for a call.

Over the years, we have booked thousands of appointments with these types of prospect, and as such – have a plethora of data available which we have analysed, to make sure we are maximising our resource and calling the appropriate prospects at the appropriate times, for instance:

We know that calling a CTO / CIO / CISO on a Monday or a Tuesday is pretty pointless – we book nearly 80% of our appointments with prospects with this job title on a Wednesday or a Thursday.

We also know that business owners have no time for a conversation on a Wednesday or a Thursday, and that Tuesday morning are the best times (a staggering 62% of the appointments we book with Business owners are booked between 9.30am – 1pm on Tuesdays)!

CEO’s and CFO’s are a little more tricky to pin down and we actually see a pretty even spread over the week in terms of the number spoken to, and appointments booked with.

Regardless of industry or level of decision maker, calling on a Tuesday or a Thursday are the most lucrative calling times, with nearly 85% of our appointments coming on these days.

Due to the pandemic radically changing the way that the world works, the above are figures taken from March 2020 onwards.

So that’s how we manage our business and our resource, it sounds quite silly, but we work more effectively – when we know why we are working effectively.

What metrics, what stats and what data do you use when it comes to increasing the efficiency of your sales teams?

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