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Gap in the market

We’ve been operating within a gap in the market – and we’ve only just realised it!

19 years in business and we’ve only just realised actually, we’re in a pretty unique position within the market we operate in (Lead Generation).

Now we have never really given two hoots what our competitors are doing, quite frankly – we’ve concentrated on doing what we are doing and doing it well, until recently.

We’re going through some change as an organisation and through this change, have carried out some competitor analysis and have stumbled across something quite remarkable – there is no one operating as effectively at the level we do, in the market we are in… it only took us 19 years to realise.

Through this analysis we found that 67% of our competition (from 56 competitors analysed) class a qualified appointment as literally a meeting in the diary with a prospect who has a fleeting interest in what their clients do, are interested in receiving a brochure, or being added to a mailing list, with the other 33% setting up anything from an initial phone call, to an email introduction.

Now to why we are different and why we are UNIQUE, and there are 2 words to sum this up and they are NEED and DELIVERY.


Each one of our appointments set up for our clients are scored by our account management team, it is a given that each appointment needs to be with a Decision Maker, with a budget in place and that is looking to spend that budget within the timeframe dictated to us by our clients… most importantly, there needs to be a NEED, a specific pain, pressure or issue within the prospects organisation that can be remedied by the products or services that our clients offer, only when we hear this – will our telemarketing team book the appointment.

Our telemarketing team are exceptional at extracting that need from every appointment we book, they are experts in finding the prospect in position A, finding out what good / great looks like (position B) and educating the prospect on exactly how our clients can bridge that gap and get them to where they need to be. This, amazingly – is something that many of our competitors fail to deliver on, and actually – don’t necessarily promise to from the outset!


So how do we deliver this? Each one of our calls is recorded, these calls are sent to our clients when the appointments are booked, alongside a completed lead sheet – one of our core values is transparency and through this transparent approach, we build stronger relationships with our clients, we create partnerships and will not engage with a client who is not willing to work in partnership with us, as this is the only way we can be sure that we will DELIVER on what we promise.

You get a dedicated Account Manager, and a specific Telemarketing team who will become an extension of your business, who will work with you as if you are the only client we work with and who will deliver you constant and consistent results which will help you grow your network, your business and your reputation.

You will also have direct access to the business owners, who will check in with you from time to time and make sure we are delivering on our promises and that your campaign is running as expected.

So I wondered what your experience was like with lead generation partners?

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