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It’s all in the follow-up

One of the most common challenges that we face as a lead generation business isn’t actually booking qualified leads for our clients, but ensuring that our clients turn these leads into business – a quantifiable ROI for our clients is what we live and die by as a company.

Yes, once we have passed a lead over, that our client is happy with… It’s show time – but how many of these leads turn to business after one initial conversation? The answer – less than 5%, and it’s true of our business – after our initial meeting with a prospective client, it usually takes between 2-5 more touch points before that initial meeting turns into revenue – that’s why it is incredibly important to have an effective follow up process in place to make sure you stand the best possible chance of turning that client meeting into revenue for your company, here’s how we do it…

Step 1 – Great meeting, lots of synergies and a genuine need for our services – but the prospect needs to go away, have a think and discuss with other members of the leadership team.

Step 2 – Immediately after the meeting – an email, thanking the prospect for their time and that any follow up actions will be actioned within the next 24 hours

Step 3 – Follow up email, confirming anything outstanding from the meeting, clarification on any points made and any additional information that has been requested – sent across. Most importantly – a CALL TO ACTION in this email or at the very least something along the lines of “I will give you a call on XXXX at XXXX to gather your feedback.

Step 4 – Make the call – speak to your prospect and ask “is there anything at this stage that is stopping you moving forward” (of course – it’s better the devil you know) if the answer to this question is “no, nothing” DO NOT be afraid to close and ask for their business. If the answer is yes for any reason – agree a timeframe within which you can call the prospect back, this goes back to the old sales adage of always be closing (whether that is closing for a next call date, a further piece of information, or of course their business)

Step 5 onwards – Keep in touch with your prospect, maybe add them to an email sequence, touch base every now and then and make sure that you are the first name on their mind when it comes to the types of products or services you offer.

The above is just a little insight into how we follow up with our prospects and how we encourage our clients to follow up with them too.

So do you think you have an effective follow up process?

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