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The power of testing and measuring

You may, or may not have heard of the phrase “test and measure” It’s an incredibly effective way of seeing where the business was, where the business is now and forecasting where the business could be. It’s also a fantastic indicator of what’s working, and what’s not working so well. 

We run almost every aspect of our business on test and measure, each client campaign, our own internal processes and encourage all of our clients to do the same – even when judging our performance in gaining them qualified leads.

Let me give you an example… 

We recently conducted some in depth analysis of appointments that have rearranged for our clients and have noticed something quite dramatic, when it comes to booking appointments on certain days with senior level decision makers…

What has become apparent, very apparent – is that appointments with these decision makers are literally 3 times more likely to drop out, if the appointment is due to take place on a Wednesday or a Thursday… this actually goes hand in hand with the fact that only 12% of the appointments we have booked with the same people – we actually speak with on a Wednesday or a Thursday to book them in (from a completely separate piece of research we carried out to work out our most efficient calling times).

We think there are potentially a few reasons for this, including:

Mondays & Tuesdays are typically where decision makers are most efficient and by Wednesday, fatigue begins to take over and appointments not directly related to internal happenings or their clients, begin to slide down the priority list.

By Wednesday, some of the smaller “fires” happening within the business, reach a crescendo and require urgent attention and therefore, again – external meetings become less of a priority.

Team fatigue – these same decision makers are responsible for teams and spend much of their time reinvigorating their team and getting them over “hump day”

Now we have started booking appointments on days other than Wednesdays and Thursdays  we have seen a major decrease in the amount of appointments being rescheduled (over 40%)!

How are you testing and measuring within your organisation?

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