Blog: Do you rely on word of mouth and referrals?

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Do you rely on word of mouth and referrals?

Without a doubt, potential clients that come from word of mouth, or referrals, are always going to be your strongest source of leads.

After all, someone has recommended you, and therefore spoken very highly of you, to someone that was already searching for your type of product or service.

Consequently, these sorts of potential clients are much more likely to turn into customers and it’s not unusual for conversion rates to be 80% or higher.

There’s just one small problem with potential clients from this source….they’re completely unpredictable. You’re not sure when the next lead will arrive, and even if someone does refer you, the contact may not be the right fit.

For this reason, leads from word of mouth and referrals should be a nice top-up to your business, but shouldn’t be relied on – it’s difficult to grow if you can’t predict whether you’re going to get a referral this month.

What if there was another way; a way that gave you qualified leads and potential clients, but was more predictable – that could give you between four and six qualified leads, in your diary, every single month. Would you be interested?

Well, we think we’ve found that alternative – using a combination of LinkedIn, telemarketing and email marketing. We’d love to tell you more about how it works and see whether it’s for you.

If you’d like to have a chat, simply call us on 01386 298 042 or click here to book a convenient time in our diary:

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