Blog: How other companies treat their telemarketers…and why we’re different

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How other companies treat their telemarketers…and why we’re different

Our telemarketers regularly tell us horror stories about the places they used to work. One boss kept a telemarketer in a room on her own and never gave her feedback. When she said she was leaving, he couldn’t understand why and told her she was the best that he’d ever had – shame he didn’t tell her that earlier!

Another was told ‘no, never means no’ and to ask for the appointment until in desperation and frustration the prospect had no choice but to put the phone down on him. When he protested about this tactic, he was told to go and look for a job elsewhere – which is exactly what he did.

Now don’t get me wrong, we set targets and expect our telemarketers to achieve them. However, if you come and listen to calls being made (which you’re welcome to do any time by the way – just give us a call first to make sure we’re not in another meeting), you’ll see how much they build a rapport with the contact and when they book an appointment, how genuine it actually is.

In fact, one of our telemarketers builds rapport so well, that even receptionists remember her when she calls back. That’s got her appointments with some of the biggest organisations around the country.

If you want hard sell, we’re probably not right for you, but if you want genuine, qualified appointments with key decision makers, then let’s jump on a call and talk.

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