Help! My marketing sucks!

So you’re writing blogs and articles, sending out emails, even writing the occasional letter, but for some reason you’re still not getting all the leads and appointments you’d like. When you get a referral, great, but they don’t come in every day of the week. What can you do to get more appointments in the … Read more

The flaws of word of mouth marketing

If you’re like many of our clients, right now, you’ll be getting a lot of your business through word of mouth, referrals and contacts you already know. And that’s great isn’t it? You know that when someone refers a potential client to you, they’re going to be looking for what you offer and are willing … Read more

Do you use LinkedIn in your Business?

When I ask people whether they use LinkedIn in their business, their usual answer goes something like this: ‘Well, we add some thought leadership articles to it and we might send out an update but we know we could be using it more effectively.’ If you resonate with the above, then I have some good … Read more

Why we charge what we charge

I had an interesting conversation with a company today about why we charge what we charge. When I told him what the investment would be, he said that they were thinking about getting a social media apprentice and he’d budgeted around the same figure (around £600 per month) if he outsourced his marketing. In response, … Read more



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