Blog: Why we’re much cheaper than hiring someone in-house

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Why we’re much cheaper than hiring someone in-house

I was chatting to one of our clients the other day and he gave me some great insights into why working with us is much cheaper than hiring someone in-house. Here’s what he said:

“If I hire someone to do my marketing in-house, chances are I’m going to have to pay them at least £18,000 before they’re any good.

But it doesn’t stop there. I also have to pay tax and national insurance, train them, give them holidays and a pension and then if they go on holiday, get sick or get pregnant, then I have to get someone else to cover the work.

Not only that, but even if I got them to do marketing, I know that it’s likely they’ll get sucked into doing the other work here too. There’s always stuff going on.

We also have a culture here where we’d rather send an email to someone instead of picking up the phone and if there’s some ‘baggage’ with a client, things have a tendency to get left.

And if that person leaves, all the knowledge they have about my business goes with them.

With ET, it’s great because although I pay around £18,000 per year too I know that I actually get three to four people doing my marketing; equivalent to £72,000 in wages.

I don’t have to pay you for sickness, holidays or pregnancy. In fact I know that if one of the team is off sick, all the other members of the team know me and my business and work carries on regardless.

There’s no training – you do that and have an immense amount of knowledge and skills you can bring to my business. With an employee, they might have the skills, but if they didn’t, they’d be no one here to ask.

There are no pensions or any other benefits and none of your team come with any ‘baggage’ – if you have a bad call, you just have a cup of tea and then carry on, whereas it would really affect my team.

Plus if a member of your team leaves, work just continues as if nothing has happened as all the other members know what’s going on.

And (even though I wouldn’t want this to happen) if we need to stop working with you, I just give a month’s notice and that’s it – an employee can be a pain if they’re leaving; their body is there but their head has already gone.

It’s not a difficult sell for me as to why we use you.”

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