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How NOT to book an appointment

We get sales calls all the time and we’re always interested in what the caller is like – after all, if they’re any good, there’s a big probability I’ll ask them to send in their CV.

One we got the other day was textbook in how not to book an appointment. She was selling photocopier contracts and explained to us how her company could help save us money.

Except… we used EVERY trick in the book to stop her in her tracks because:

 • Our contract wasn’t up for another two years (in reality, I have no idea when it’s up for renewal);
 • Someone else was dealing with it (not really, I could have easily dealt with it);
 • It’s not on the top of our agenda (that one is true); and
 • We don’t have time for a meeting (though I could have squeezed her in if it was of interest).

The truth is that yes, we are in a contract and it isn’t high enough priority for me to look at it right now. But there was another reason I said no – there’s a massive hassle factor in changing supplier that I really don’t want to deal with right now.

Now, let’s look at how we would have approached this. Firstly, I’d have connected with me on LinkedIn. Secondly, I’d have sent me a couple of messages on LinkedIn to test the water and see whether this was of interest. Thirdly, I’d have called me, used LinkedIn as a way in and made sure I asked enough questions to uncover the real reason I was saying no.

If this caller had done this, it’s likely she’d have got an appointment.

Because we use our approach, that’s why we consistently get between three and six qualified appointments for our clients each and every month.

If this is of interest, perhaps we should talk.

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