Blog: Why blogs and social media are WAY down our to-do list

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Why blogs and social media are WAY down our to-do list

Blogs, videos, social media, podcasts, Facebooks ads…they’re all the rage at the moment, aren’t they? If you follow any sort of marketing guru on the internet, all of them are telling you that you need to write blogs or create a webinar or do 600 videos per month or whatever the latest craze is.

There are now tons of potential ways that you can promote your business, but when it comes to getting qualified meetings, leads and appointments, creating these things comes WAY down the to-do list for us.


Because, while these things are great to get your business out there in front of people and get awareness of your business, they are not directly going to result in new leads or appointments, which, let’s face it, is ultimately what you want.

To get meetings, leads or appointments, you need to reach out to people (through LinkedIn, through emails, phone or even texts) and ask them whether what you do is something they’re interested in and if so, would they like to speak further about it.

Once you’re getting people speaking to you and they check you out, that’s when blogs etc come into play, but it should be in that order and not the other way round.

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