Blog: Not getting many in-mail responses from LinkedIn?

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Not getting many in-mail responses from LinkedIn?

As part of the benefits of being a LinkedIn premium member, you get access to in-mails – these allow you to email potential clients or contacts directly, even if you’re not connected with them.

However I’ve heard a few frustrations with in-mails – namely that people who use them don’t tend to get many replies, which of course, can be annoying as you only get a certain number of in-mails per month.

But I discovered something recently that may explain this. I logged into my LinkedIn account and it flashed up that I’d got some in-mails. Unlike a normal message however, LinkedIn hadn’t emailed this in-mail to me.

I checked back and sure enough, I had a number of in-mails that I didn’t even realise had been sent, purely because LinkedIn hadn’t emailed them to me.

I suspect this is the reason that not many people are replying to your in-mails. So should you not bother with a premium account?

You should because searches are extremely limited if you don’t. However we have another way that we use LinkedIn that doesn’t use in-mails and works very successfully to get our clients three to six qualified meetings every single month.

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