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Does your marketing company do this?

Last week, we were chatting to one of our clients who told us one of the reasons they came to us is because their previous marketing company did this…

They sent them out to see a potential client based three hours away from where they were.

Two of them went out to this meeting and the journey took a bit longer as they were picking one another up.

All the way up in the car, they discussed this potential client, having previously done some research on the company. They talked about their game plan, what the client might want to talk about and possible objections that they may encounter.

On getting to the meeting, they took out their marketing literature and walked into the meeting. Finally they sat down in front of the prospect who said this to them:

‘Thank you for coming all the way up here – I really appreciate that. But all I really wanted was a brochure. I told that to the chap I spoke to on the phone!’

Imagine how they felt! Annoyed, frustrated, angry even at the marketing company that had sent them all the way up there…for a brochure! Of course they stayed for a while and had a nice coffee, but the prospect dismissed them by saying he’d come back to them when he’d had a chance to read the brochure.

Mmmm – I would have been less than impressed – as I’m sure you would have been too.

If your marketing company would do something like this, then perhaps we should have a chat. All the leads we send to our clients are qualified and we get feedback from them to ensure this is the case.

Our process consistently gets between three and six qualified leads per month for our clients and if this is what you’re looking for, let’s arrange some time to talk.

If you’re interested in getting these sorts of results for your business, let’s set up some time to talk. Simply call us on 01386 298 042, reply to this email, or click here to book a convenient time in our diary:

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