Blog: Should you stop marketing until after Christmas?

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Should you stop marketing until after Christmas?

I always find this time of year interesting. Now that the clocks have gone back and Christmas appears to be just around the corner, we start to hear comments like, ‘can you contact me after Christmas?’ Or, ‘everything sounds good. I’d like to make a start in the New Year’.

It’s as if there is a massive gulf between now and January.

However I have a slightly different take on this. The run up to Christmas is actually a fantastic time to do Marketing in your business. Here are three big reasons why:

1. There is a mindset that no one will buy in the run up to Christmas. This is not true. What if I told you that last year we got five new clients in the period between Christmas and New Year? Do you think this would have happened if we had stopped marketing.

2. Lots of people stop their marketing during this time. If they stop and you continue, then you’ve got much more chance of getting hold of the decision makers and booking those meetings.

3. Decision makers are actually easier to get hold of. They tend to work harder during this period to get things finished for the New Year while their staff tend to take time off. That means decision makers are more likely to answer the phone and check messages on LinkedIn. So over to you. If you want to pause your marketing until the New Year, feel free. However if you want to take advantage of this period when others don’t, maybe it’s time we had a conversation.

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