Case Studies: Heller Machine Tools

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Hellar Machine Tools Overview

Exceptional Thinking partnered with Heller Machine Tools in 2017. As a global manufacturer of state of-the-art machine tools and entire production systems for metal-cutting processes, their lead generation strategy required a unique approach.

After analysing the way that Heller were generating leads and the people they were keen to target, we set about devising a strategy that would get our Heller in front of the right people quickly.

We connected to the senior operations individuals within large original equipment manufacturers. From there, we looked at the connections of those people and created a core database of contacts who were likely to use CNCs.

From there, we make enquiries about their plans for growth, spend and expansion to deduce where working with Heller would benefit them. We were careful to remove any connection that we were certain wasn’t going to be relevant to Heller.

As the campaign was targeted so specifically, we ensured that we reached as many relevant people in the quickest amount of time possible. We are happy to report that we have consistently generated up to four qualified leads for Heller, month on month within our first six months of working with them.

Client Feedback

Steve Malone, of Heller Machine Tools says: “Exceptional Thinking have done exactly what they promised, leaving us to continue to deliver the high quality of service that we have for many years”

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