Case Studies: Brunsdon

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Brunsdon Overview

Brunsdon Insurance is a specialist commercial insurance broker based in Cheltenham. As well as the usual insurance products you would expect, Brunsdon are currently offering a healthcare insurance product for businesses at an affordable price.

Brunsdon approached Exceptional Thinking for help specifically around this healthcare insurance
product. The campaign was two-fold; to contact their existing customers and let them know about the new product and then to contact colder connections using our successful LinkedIn approach.

For current customers, Brunsdon sent out a tailored email to them to let them know about the healthcare
insurance. Exceptional Thinking then followed up these contacts by phone
to ensure they’d seen the email and then, if they were interested, book them straight into an appointment in the relevant advisor’s diary.

Once this initial campaign is complete, Brunsdon plan to work with Exceptional Thinking to contact cold
contacts using our tried and tested step-by-step LinkedIn process.

Client Feedback

“The quality of the appointments has been excellent,” said Trevor Hough, Technical Development Manager at Brunsdon. “We’ve been very impressed and would highly recommend Exceptional Thinking.”

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