Sarah Illingworth is a partner at St James’s Place Wealth Management offering independent financial advice to her clients based mostly in the Milton Keynes area.

Sarah has been providing financial advice for over 30 years and has been with St James’s Place for over 18 years. In addition to estate planning she also specialises in tax-efficient retirement planning, investing, business and family protection, inheritance tax planning and long-term care planning.

In order to give her clients the best possible service, she wanted to ensure all of them were seen at least once a year. However, being self-employed meant that it was up to her get in touch with her large client list. Although she tried hard, she battled constantly with having the time to do everything. In short, she couldn’t book the appointments as well as going out to see her clients and deal with the subsequent work that was required.

Sarah approached us to help her get in contact with her client list and arrange meetings with them. She also wanted them organised so that she saw similar numbers of clients within a month and that certain clients were seen more frequently.

We created a special client data list which helped funnel clients into months and also allowed us to plan Sarah’s workload for her. We were given access to her system which allowed us to directly book meetings onto her calendar. The work involved appointment booking, administration of the data list and sending out confirmation emails. Since working with Exceptional Thinking over four years ago, Sarah’s business has grown and she is able to spend the time she needs on each client. As Sarah said: ‘What I really like about Exceptional Thinking is that they have access to directly link into my diary, allowing flexibility.’ She added: ‘I can leave them to it and I know that they’ll get the job done’.

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