Northstar was started by John Williams and his wife Donata in 1999 and since then they have been providing IT support and services to companies in Bristol and the South West as well as throughout the UK.

Their main speciality is building IT infrastructure and Network Configuration and utilising Cloud computing to enhance their clients’ businesses. Their clients range from companies that have chosen to completely outsource their IT through to businesses that need third line support alongside an in-house team.

As an established company, Northstar knew the importance of marketing and had tried to do this in-house over the years and especially after they rebranded their company two years ago. They had attempted everything from cold calling to email marketing and social media and had even taken on a marketing intern. Although it did help a little, as John admits, it wasn’t being particularly effective and he was concerned that the effort wasn’t providing the return on investment.

As he felt that they were very much doing things by piecemeal, John wanted a marketing company that would give him a multilayered approach to promote his business as well as generating leads, leaving him free to get on with running his business. We came up with a marketing strategy that included LinkedIn, email marketing, social media marketing and telemarketing.

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