How to have more sales conversations booked in your diary

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If you ask most of our clients, they’ll tell you that if they get in front of the right contact and there is a need, they’ll have no problem getting the sale – they just need more sales conversations booked in the diary.

If this situation applies to your business as well, no doubt you’ll resonate with it.

Let’s face it, getting more sales appointments can be tricky, especially if you rely on word-of-mouth or referrals. But we have a tried-and-tested way of getting you between four to six qualified meetings a month.

For the last few years, we’ve been combining telemarketing with two other marketing methods; LinkedIn marketing and email marketing, and our results have been very different.

Because we warm the contact up, build a relationship with them and use ‘permission-based marketing’, we’re much more likely to book a qualified meeting with them.

For most of our clients, we consistently book four to six qualified meetings each and every month for them – proof that combining marketing methods is ultimately much more successful.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help you achieve four to six qualified meetings every month in your business, then let’s take some time to talk.

Simply email us at, call us on 01386 298 042 or click here to book a convenient time in my diary.

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