What other marketing activities should I be using?

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If you know anything about marketing, you’ll know that there are a lot of different activities you could do. It can be a little overwhelming and time-consuming to a) decide what is best for your business and b) figure out where to invest your time and resources.

There will always be something new and shiny to try in marketing. No matter where you decide to focus your efforts, we’re certain of one thing: conversations with real people will always work – and let’s face it, a conversation in person is always going to beat one on social media!

At Exceptional Thinking, our focus is real conversations because authentic communication gets results. We have a unique system that combines LinkedIn with Email Marketing and Telemarketing to get between four and six qualified leads for our clients each and every month.

Don’t have hours to spend on the phone? Why not hand your lead generation and marketing over to a company who see results for their clients’ month upon month?

If you would like some insight into how we can make your marketing work like magic, why not reply to this email, call on 01386 298 042 or click here to arrange some convenient time in my diary?


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