This week I got told to shut up…Twice!

In News by Nick Dowling

This week, I faced something that had never happened to me before – I got told to shut up…twice!
But not in a horrible way; both in really nice ways which I appreciated. One was by a supplier and one was by Melissa, in our team.
The supplier was a recruitment company that I’d been persuaded to hire by Nick. I have to be honest; recruitment companies are not my favourite people in the whole wide world and we’ve had a couple of bad experiences with them. But they assured me they worked differently so we decided to give them a go.
On Tuesday, a few days after we met, I sent them a quick email to ask when we could expect to receive CVs. The reply I received said this: ‘you will not receive CVs from us; you will receive candidates but only when I feel they’re right for you. I have had some responses in but they haven’t got the right level of skills or qualities you’re looking for so I haven’t sent them over. Worry not though – we are on the case.’
That told me! I sat down and shut up!
Then I sat down with Melissa, one of our copywriters. We were talking about the business and some new things we wanted to introduce. She informed me, rather than asked me, that we were going to be getting a coffee machine – she said it would be great for our clients and make us stand out (plus I think she secretly wants one too).

I hate to admit it, but she’s right. So we’re getting a coffee machine – I have told her that she’s coming with me though, as I have no idea about coffee.

The point is that two people who are better than me held their ground and made me take a step back and look at things differently. We’re making it a point to hire people better than us so that we don’t just offer good marketing and lead generation; we offer great marketing and lead generation.

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