The three questions I ask myself weekly

In News by Nick Dowling

On the bank holiday weekend in August, I was really tired. We’d had one of those weeks – you know the ones where you have computer problems, trips to London and a dozen other little annoying things.
I needed a break.
That would have been fine except that Nick decided a much better idea would be to talk about plans for the business and wanted answers now that needed real thinking time.
I, rather harshly probably told him that now wasn’t the time and I needed a break. It didn’t go down too well, but he got the point.
By the end of the weekend however, I felt much better, had had a break and could think a bit more clearer. That’s when I dug out my notebook and wrote down my three questions that I ask myself every week to keep the business on track.
I’d love to share those questions with you. I’ve put them in my one week action plan to generating leads fast. I think these questions feature on Sunday’s action.
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I’ve added:

  • Why Tuesday is the most important day of the week for your marketing
  • How what you do on Wednesday will set you up for the rest of the week
  • What you can do on a Friday to make people really want to hear from you
  • The reason just half an hour on a Thursday can make all the difference in your marketing
  • And…the three questions you can ask on a weekend that will start your week off with a bang on Monday mornings

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